• EI STYLING Mapping String

    EI STYLING Mapping String

    Micromapping String is pre-inked mapping string made for microblading / eyebrow tattooing. We have developed semi-soluble ink with the same standards used for the cosmetics industry. Use the string to measure and mark out the precise eyebrow shape base on your client's facial features as a guide to before tattooing.  10 meters of pre-inked mapping string. Comes in a packet of 4.
  • Spektra Flux Wireless Tattoo Machine

    Spektra Flux Wireless Tattoo Machine

    SPECIAL EDITION BUBBLEGUM WITH POWERBOLT We listened to you and created a revolutionary device that puts, you, the tattoo artist, in control of your art. The first truly wireless tattoo machine is here – the Spektra Flux. More power without any of the complicated stuff. Just a pen-style device with all the features you need. We have created a Bluetooth enabled device with up to...
  • Skinful Beauty Pigment Sealer 118ml In Stock

    Skinful Beauty Pigment Sealer 118ml In Stock

    Skinful BeautyTM Pigment Seal is a unique formulation that streamlines the permanent makeup procedures by efficiently cleaning and nourishing the skin being treated, helping to enhance moisture and color retention. Pigment Seal is a liquid sealer used during and straight after any procedure to lock in pigment. Pigment seal unique product calms, soothes and nourishes the skin area while sealing your pigment into the skin allowing for...
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