Stayve Serums and BB Glow products are the manufacture of the Cherips Ampoules.


These cherips serums are used during a skin needling procedure to tint the lips with colour. This is not a lip tattoo. The treatment smooths and moisturises the surface of the lips giving a voluminous look while enhancing the lips with a tint of colour. 


The set contains:

5 Lip Colours - 30ml

1 After Serum -  30ml

1 Booster Serum - 30ml 


How to use the tints:

1. Use a cotton pad to wipe the booster evenly on the lips.

2. Exfoliate the lips for 30 seconds to 1 minute.  Wipe away the residue and skin cells with a clean and wet cotton pad. 

3. Pick a tint colour and shake the bottle well. Add a few drops in a disposable cup.

4. Use a cotton tip to dip it in the tint and spread it evenly on the lips. 

5. Start needling the tint into the lips. Work in sections of the lips to get an even coverage.

6. After treatment is completed leave the lips for 5 minutes. 

7. Wipe the lips with a wet cotton pad.

8. Apply the After serum to the lips. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can any age have Cherips done? Yes

2. How many sessions? 1 Session is not enough to see results. 3-5 sessions is recommended depending on your clients desired results

3. Can you mix the pigments? Yes

4. How long should the treatment take? Around 10 mins


Pre and Post Treatment

- Keep the lips moist before and after treatment, this will make the effects last longer.

- In case of chapped lips, smooth out the lips before treatment.

- First session may cause discolouration. This varies between person. In this case, reapply the colour again. 

- As the ampoule is very watery, please be careful when apply to clients. 

-  Lifestyle and eating habits may fade the tint. 

- Results last between 1-2 weeks. The more regularly you do it the longer it can last.

Cherips Ampoule Sets for Lips

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