Sonidet Medical Detergent & Instrument Detergent (5L) is a highly active liquid detergent designed for manual cleaning, tools and equipment for bacteriostatic purposes. An odourless and non staining detergent that is hospital and surgical grade safe for the removal of: 
*Ultrasonic cleaning machines
*Manual cleaning of instruments prior to the Disinfecting or Sterilisation process
*Manual cleaning of anaesthetic Tubing prior to the Disinfecting or Pasteurising process
*Manual cleaning of Theatre Floors, Tables, Benches, etc.
*Manual cleaning of equipment such as Dialysis Machines
*Manual cleaning of Laboratory Glassware

Sonidet Medical Equipment Detergent 5L. Pick up in store only. Please contact us

  • Full refunds and exhanges can be made if the item is faulty. No refunds or exchanges can be made if the item is opened.  Items shipped back is at the customer's expense.

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